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    i just want to know if anyone is using the slingbox with the pre.
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    No. But when flash comes out later this year, I heard slings site will work fine with the pre
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    I wish!!! My slingbox has pretty much been gathering dust for nearly 10 months now.
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    Mine too.
    The only thing I miss from my Treo 700p.
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    Yeah I miss playing it on my 755p. I still use it at lunch time though with my laptop and mytether. Seems to work pretty well.
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    It's going to work with flash only problem is if you don't have the SlingHD your out of luck seeing how they are phasing out the older models that broadcast in a low standard.

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    thanks 4 the info , n the slingbox website the requirements are meet by the pre they even said that some devices will worrk fine and to try the free trial this really ruins my day since verizon not only charges for tv but it is not even compatible with the pre oh well I'll hhave to find a different way around this

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