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    I loaded the Facebook app from the App store. Without paying close attention, I allowed it to add all of my Facebook friends to my contacts list. Now i cannot remove them even though I deleted the app.

    Does anyone know how to remove these contacts that were added from my Facebook account? Most of the Facebook "friens" I would never call but now my contact list is so big, it takes forever to get to my important contacts.
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    I think you can open up the contacts app, then go to menu and 'preferences and accounts'. you'll the facebook account there, click on it and then hit 'remove account'
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    Thanks t650man. It worked!
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    Your going about things the wrong way. Delete the people from facebook you don't consider your friend and just added to be polite or some other lame reason.

    Don't use the contacts app to find people by scrolling. Use universal search. Just type the person's name. after the first 3 letter's you will find em. Fastest way to find people ever.
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    Thanks I just downloaded the facebook app and did the same think!! Thanks again

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