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    Strange issues on Sprint MHS updating. Several people state that they have it working on with Sprint, but I've been getting an interesting error, but it's probably due to a unique problem.


    I just upgraded to straight from because I didn't like 1.4.0 issues. Well, when I did the update last night, it updated fine, but deleted all of my 3rd party applications.

    That's no biggie, as I can download them for free, but the issue is when I go to update the MHS app after following the correct steps for installing it. I get all the way to the point where everyone else who's been successful has gone, but after the update to the MHS has downloaded, I get this message:

    "This app requires 10.63M. You must delete some apps or files before you can install it. Click Help for more information"

    Of course clicking help just lets me know how to delete applications, but since all my apps were wiped clean, I have no recourse.

    I'm thinking this is being caused by one of two issues:

    1) Sprint caught on, and this is how they are blocking it (doubtful)
    2) My to update wipe has caused the Pre to read my application storage section as full for some reason.

    I also installed the Migration Helper tool just in case it needed it to free the space up (this was after having the issue of MHS not updating).

    Has anyone else had this issue? How did you fix it without doctoring? I saw one person with the issue, but then he never said how he got it fixed.

    Thanks for anyone's help
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    What is an "MHS app"?
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    try running the Repair Utility and make sure you have the latest version of WebOS doctor.. maybe that could do the trick?
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    Pretty sure that was tongue in cheek, but Mobile Hotspot...

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