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    hey guys, i've been here a while, i just lurked a lot getting the hang of certain things, and finally got around to rooting my replacement pre. my 1st one was rooted as soon as i learned about it, but this time around i kept it stock for a bit.

    anyways, im Mikel, and here to get into the artsy side of pre-designing. i tried to download the theme-builder, but i get an error with it. is there an alternate link to the files mentioned in the THEMEBUILDER thread?
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    Hi Mikel... welcome to the forums.

    Your question needs to be posted in the correct forum. This particular forum doesn't deal with the Themebuilder software. You would get the best help and fastest answers if you posted your question here: How To: Themebuilder

    Enjoy playing with your Pre!
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    awesome, thanks for the reply!

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