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    I can "enter" a new calendar event, but it is gone as soon as I back up to the calendar view. Same thing happens if I try to change an existing event. It turns a different color, but retains the original properties (time, for example).

    I sync with Outlook using Pocket Mirror, any changes I make on Outlook sync and save perfectly, but I can't add or change any calendar events on the Pre. I have a valid Google account added, but I don't "use" the Google calendar.

    The only fix I have found in searching was a thread on another site that said to remove and re-add the Google account, which did not resolve the issue for me. I was hoping the 1.4.1 update might resolve it, but it did not.

    Please, PLEASE someone has to know how to fix this!
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    I thought this was happening to me for a while, but it was because of my settings. If you select {Preferences and Accounts} from the Calendar menu, you can scroll down to see which account is your default calendar. Then click the {Calendar View Options} button just above that, and see whether the {Display in "All Calendars" view} option is set to ON or OFF for that calendar. My problem was that my new events were being added to the Yahoo calendar, which I don't display. I changed the default calendar to Google, which I do use, and now all is well. I hope this helps!
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    All of my settings are right, same as they have always been.
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    In checking a few things I have found I can enter events directly into the Pre on the calender under "Palm Profile" and they stay, but if I enter them under "Outlook" they don't stay. This is so stupid, what the hell is going on?
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    I've just got into the habit of changing it both on my pre and laptop til everything is the way I want it. I didn't expect it to work right to begin with so par for the course.
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    It is so aggravating because it WORKED for MONTHS and now - for no reason I can find - it does not.

    I have found people with the same problem who have called Sprint and spent hours resetting and rebooting their phones with no change. I am not going to call them.

    Someone HAS to know what the deal is!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever92 View Post
    I've just got into the habit of changing it both on my pre and laptop til everything is the way I want it. I didn't expect it to work right to begin with so par for the course.
    I can enter things into outlook and they sync up just fine with pocket mirror, but anything I add or change on the Pre just goes away as soon as I am done adding or changing it, like it never happened.

    There is no way that someone does not have the answer for this....
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    I don't use Micro**** unless I have to so I have no clue about outlook. I have a serious issue with security with having a schedule connected to the net at all time. For that reason I've kept my entries "vague".
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    There has got to be soeone who knows how to correct this! - Anyone? Please?
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    Have you added a patch recently which might be interfering with the calender application?
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    After several tries at getting on line with Palm's live chat, I was told to do a partial erase - apps and data - and that fixed it. Sure, it ph'ed up a few of my other settings, like putting that horrifical orange corral wallpaper back up, but at least the calendar works again.

    As for adding an app that changed it? The day I noticed it was not working right any mroe I had not added anything. I have no idea what caused it.
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