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    Why isn't there!? Paid apps are here, is Bell just to scared to give us an easy tethering option? Does the homebrew Mobile Hotspot hack work? Input please.
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    You may try this thread
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    Uhh the webos doctor for bell is missing.
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    Verizon is the only carrier with an official tethering solution (There may be Euro carriers that do also, but I'm not too familiar with them). For the rest of us, we use homebrew solutions. It's pretty much just as easy to set up and use as Verizon's MHS. Do some research on the donor version of MyTether if you are interested in wifi tethering. Mobile Hot Spot has also been modified to work on other carriers as well.
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    Mobile hotspot on Bell works fantastic! I have it on both of my Pre's and love the fact that I can use my phone as my access point on the road rather then having to give the provider extra coin for the wi-fi stick.

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