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    1-Pre is obviously awesome with webos
    2-I love the form factor fo the pre. yeah, maybe its shotty craftsmanship, but the phone just fits so nicely in my pocket.
    3-Sprint's voice-gps is fantastic. JUST FANTASTIC!
    4-facebook beta is fantastic, even with one or two bugs.
    5-homebrew installed mobile hotspot, now making my phone the greatest piece of electronics to ever grace my pocket.
    6-the 3d games are awesome
    7-sprint's pricing plans couldn't be better
    8-video camera!
    9-great still camera
    10-very happy with the growth of applications in quality and quantity

    So, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Palm did a great job, and in the growth its had since inception, it just keeps getting better and better.

    Have a great Easter weekend!
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    webox? (sp)
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    I agree with everything but #1 should say, "Obviously, WebOS is awesome."

    The Pre itself is actually a piece of crap other than the form factor. Had they put WebOS on a droid like device (meaning GOOD hardware), I don't think Palm would be teeter tottering on the edge like it is today.

    The OS = AWESOME
    The Phone = Not so much

    This is coming from someone who has not had any issues with his Pre and is very happy with it as well. However, being an IT professional, I love the latest tech. That being said, my Pre will be getting replaced by the EVO 4G, pending no other awesome phone is revealed with a release date of this summer.
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    I'm ready for a new phone. I've started having problems with mine lately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IlyaK View Post
    my Pre will be getting replaced by the EVO 4G, pending no other awesome phone is revealed with a release date of this summer.
    That's probably true for me, too. Depends on how expensive the EVO 4G is, and what sort of plan requirements it has. I'd like it to be no more than $200 and work on my existing plan.
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    It should work on the existing Pre plans and shouldn't be more than $250 after rebates, etc.

    I'm getting it even if it's $400. But anyway, this not the thread for that. Sorry OP.
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    Specs of HTC Evo look nice but phone is ugly and big . I guess its just me but I find it too big for my taste. I actually like Pre and would probably like to see Pre2 with snapdragon type of processor, more Ram and more storage. Also Palm should work to address the flimsy slider mechanism and either replace it with something else or make it better. That would be an awesome phone.
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    I would love to have a landscape keyboard version of the same phone.

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