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    I have a GSM PRE on O2. Prior to the 1.4.1 update i downloaded Need for speed, monopoly, sims 3. All free as was available to us in the UK.

    now after updating to 1.4.1 all my apps disappeared so I had to redownload them all but i can't find the games i mention above.

    anyone got any clues for me?
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    They are gone now since you can get the paid versions. This was announced before.
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    Wait, the games disappear after the 1.4.1 update. Or did you docter?
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    for some reason monopoly sims and nfsu are all gone from the UK app catalogue on 1.4.1, they can't be bought or downloaded for free and are not even in the catalogue any more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruba View Post
    Wait, the games disappear after the 1.4.1 update. Or did you docter?
    OTA updated. I know this is the first time it happened. Patches remained but apps went.

    now i have lost the 3 games that were worth playing. Weird that you can't even pay for them, they just disappeared.
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    Wait! Am i the only one who still has these 3 games after update? Surely not!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5 sisters View Post
    Wait! Am i the only one who still has these 3 games after update? Surely not!
    Still got them here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benuk View Post
    Still got them here.
    Me too.

    I wish I'd been clever enough to download the ipk files when they were available though. I'll be annoyed if they ever take these games away.
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    Yes unless you hard reset your phone you will still have the games if you installed them before 1.4.1, the point is that they are no longer available in the app catalogue so new users or those who have reset their pre since the 1st of april can no longer get those 3 games (either as a free download or bought) as they have been removed from the UK/EU app store.

    It seems for the time being they are only available in the US app store, presumably this will only last a few days until EA adds paid versions of these games to the UK/EU store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevepoulter View Post
    now i have lost the 3 games that were worth playing
    Maybe so but I've got to point out those 3 games are no way the only 3 games worth playing, tom clancy's hawx and brothers in arms are both way better than any of those free games, the graphics on hawx are pretty awesome for such a small phone and brothers in arms is a direct port of the nintendo DS game
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    they are back in the app cat but obviously not free. Nevermind i've been there and done it with those games and i might look into buying the games recommended by marxman.

    thanks all
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    lol still playing nfsu free of charge i dont really now how ea can get them off are phones but you would think they would have way to make us pay for them so we will just have to see if anything changes in the next couple of days. If there is an update showing for nfsu there is no way im downloading it haha
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    They are no longer downloadable for free. But the users who have them installed, don't loose them.

    Nevertheless, they COULD make them unusable by simply bringing a newer version (update) that disables them.

    Funny thing: for the moment, nobody really cares about buying them (at least there are hardly any reviews in the app catalog), because most ppl downloaded them for free. But I think EA has awaited this before they made them available for free.
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    They are back in the app catalogue for extortionate prices! over 7 quid for NFSU and sims, im just glad I finished NFSU before the update (although I still have them but I wont be rebuying if I ever need to). The only one I may consider is monopoly but thats a fiver and there are far better games out now for half the price
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    Same here, enjoyed playing these games but had to doctor the phone, now they're gone. Big disappointment in my eyes as this was supposed to be the brilliant aspect of the cloud in that everything would be completely restored. If the phone (and games/apps) were backed up locally then I'd still have these.

    Reminiscent of george Orwell's 1984 on the Amazon Kindle - Sorry, not allowed that anymore.

    I guess I should stop complaining as they were free in the first place.

    Are the IPK's floating around anywhere?


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