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    i am having alot of problems with the hadphone bug at thevmoment. Anybody successfully got over this problem?
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    I gave up using my Pre as a music device as the headphone bug is REALLY annoying. Shame cos DrPodder is an excellent bit of software.
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    im thinking i might have to do the same, which im reluctant about. Anyone know whether its possible to change the jack socket for a more robust one? Im going to have a look at it later on, gonna attack it with contact cleaner first.
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    Agreed, horribly annoying. I can't even keep the Pre in my pocket and play over BT headphones. It keeps thinking that headphones are being plugged in and cuts out my audio occasionally. Sometimes it even sends a pause event. So frustrating.
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    i take it there's still no fixes or hardware corrections we can make for this? really don't want to have to carry round an additional media player with me, but its really starting to look like its going to have to be that way. Has anybody successfully tried replacing the hardware with something more robust?

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