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    DELETED. I'd rather not give them any ideas after all x.x
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    Don't assist the opposition.
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    They're watching you...
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    Palm probably have bigger concerns right now.

    In my opinion they should embrace the community. The people on forum's like this are Palm's most loyal customers.
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    I'd be very, very surprised if Palm does anything at all to prevent overclocking.

    Sure, there may be kernel updates from Palm that will require more work for an overclocked kernel to be released, but Palm's not going to actively try to block it.

    First of all, the kernel is open-source, so there's not too much they legally can do about modifications to it.

    But secondly, the only reason that they care is to cover their *****. If they don't say what they already said, then they get sued or something when someone's device fries because of the overclocking patch Palm didn't say not to use. Other than that, it's of no consequence to them what you do to your device. I think they've made that abundantly clear by now.
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    That link didn't work for me, but I think this is the intended target for anyone else that's curious:
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    Palm probably doesn't hate overclockers, but as a company they just need to issue a statement on overclock, nothing more than a standard disclaimer. Last thing Palm needs is a big line of people who fried their devices and demanding warranty replacements.
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