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    My trusty launch date Pre has finally met its match: our kitchen's marble floor. Up until that point, I've been lucky by not having the infamous Oreo effect and the reset when closing the slider. It's been a really solid phone (like my previous 755p, 650, 600, to say nothing of the Pilot, VX or even Handspring, but I digress), and it held up very well with constant use. In fact, so long as the replacement unit is has a new shell, I have every intention of selling it the moment the next Pre replacement is out.

    Now thanks to this nasty spill (no scratches, thanks to Invisible Shield), I have a wobbly slider and also get a free reboot feature, no silly reset app needed (yeay for memory mgmt! ). So to my question: has anyone (or any other blog, I didn't see anything here) tracked any hardware changes?
    Stronger slider mechanism? Different keyboard? AMOLED screen? (that one's a joke).

    I've setup an appointment this Friday at a Sprint repais center, I'm hoping they have Pre's in stock for the replacement, otherwise I'll have to wait some 2-3 days. I'll post back with the new phone; we'll see if it's any different.
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    the sliders are definitely stronger it appears they implemented the improved rails from the pre plus in our regular pres since none of my 2 refurbs in the past couple months have had any slider wiggle that was not to be expected in a slider
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    On your latest replacement, was the shell in "like-new" condition? And did you get it replaced at a store or using Palm's phone warranty support?
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    Okay, I'm confused. I thought we needed to go directly through the insurance company (Asurion?) for a TEP replacement... Are you folks saying you can get the replacement done at a store?

    I ask, because my launch-day Pre ended up in my cup of green tea last night, and it hasn't fully recovered. It may be going in for a replacement, so if I can go to a store and try to finagle a new one, that would be awesome... Actually, I'd let my wife handle it--she's magical with that kind of thing.
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    the late dec. and newer built ones are much better qc
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    nope liquid damage = gauranteed to need asurion but with no asthetic damage a rep might just swap it out in store without realizing it was dropped
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    I had my original Pre replaced at the Sprint hardware center on Tuesday. My Pre had the known crack next to the usb port. The tech at the Sprint store replaced my Pre with no questions aksed. I am a Sprint Premier customer. The replacement Pre was MIUCH more "solid" than my release date Pre. Recovery of my data and applications from my Palm profile went seamlessly even though the new Pre had on it. I updated to 1.4 and then two days later to

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