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    I want a new and way better device. WebOS is GREAT the Pre is ok but its holding back WebOS. Sorry just needed to get that off my chest
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    the pre's hardware is hardly lacking it has the same internals as the DROID which put android on the map it's poor advertising that crippled the pre's sales and by extension webos
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    you should use other phones ,then you'll get a better feel for what u have ,i did and trust me some phones are more hype than anything
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    we might have comparable hardware to the droid but our cpu is not working to its full extent. i believe it running at 400mhz instead of 600mgz because it when running at 600mhz it shortens the life if it so the webos we saw at cita last year was a pre running at 600mhz which it is suppose to not 400mhz
    And the build quality is a little shady
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    it's underclocked to 500mhz which is virtually identical to the droid which is in fact underclocked to 550mhz and build quality is excellent as of now
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    the pre's hardware is hardly lacking it has the same internals as the DROID which put android on the map it's poor advertising that crippled the pre's sales and by extension webos
    Then it looks like the droid needs new hardware as well.

    Palm needs a 1ghz smartphone, or at least, most of us would like to see one.
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    the average consumer doesn't care if it has a 1ghz or a 528mhz all they care is that it isn't ridiculously slow
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    The Pre is as solid and dependable as any other smartphone available ... as previously stated, you'd feel a lot better about your device if you had to experience something else fora while.

    If the C40 launched tomorrow with a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a 5" touch screen I'm sure somebody would have something negative to say about it (I can't imagine what that could be though).

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    5" touch screen = too big a phone needs to fit in my front pocket theres your complaint
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    I'm of two minds here.

    On the one hand, I find my Pre to perform well enough to be a pleasure to use and the most productive mobile device I've owned. On the other, there are times when the lag is frustrating, and where I've needed to do something right now and my Pre just wasn't responding quickly enough.

    So, while I love my Pre and webOS as-is, I do look forward to seeing how incredible webOS will be on newer hardware. The 800MHz overclock certainly gives a glimpse. The thing to also keep in mind, however, is that Palm is working on implementing the GPU in the GUI, through things like webGL and CSS transforms. Once they do, webOS will simply fly, even on current hardware.

    We're on the cusp of some really cool things, if Palm can just hang in there long enough to release webOS 2.0 and the next generation of hardware.
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    i want the EVO but a little smaller with a vertical slider in june with WebOS 2.0 I can dream can't I?
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    if they add the slider it wont exactly be smaller just shorter
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    if they add the slider it wont exactly be smaller just shorter
    a bigger Pre then
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    i think someone threw together a mockup of one just like the evo but slightly thicker and with a 3.8 or so screen
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    WebOS Tablet would be amazing. Too bad it'll never happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zealster View Post
    WebOS Tablet would be amazing. Too bad it'll never happen.
    never say never except to say "never say never" so basically only say never under certain circumstances
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    I've used the droid, not the same at all. With all the androids aout I get them mixed up, but I believe the droid has a 3.7 inch screen (OLED) and a higher resolution and a higher mp (but worse quality) camera. Other then that I believe the internals are the same. Anywho I do not like the form factor or the keyboard of the droid. Heres what the pre needs. In pre 2

    3.5 - 3.7 inch screen. (any bigger is just too big) with a sligtly longer aspect ratio (would be better for notifications and wide screen movies and keep the phone from getting too wide)

    even with the aspect ratio change, the phone would be slightly wider, a better keyboard would do well here, preferably one which deosnt require nails.

    oled and higher res

    higher res camera with af, and a better flash (technology has improved so much, why are smartphones still using the same little led light as dumbphones? The camera would be 10x more useful with a better flash as it would alllow for good quality pictures in lower ligting situations.

    800 mghtz processor or new omap procwssor which I believe is dual core 1ghtz

    haptic feedback (option to turn on and off)

    keep form factor as it is actually the most comfortable phone to use, even the curved slider is awesome if they could just make it a bit sturdier and use better materials.

    touchstone back included as well as there being two little nitches in it for purchase seperatly car mount, with built in inductive charging which brings me to also note, we need the better version of sprint nav which is used on android. It looks a bit nicer and has landscape mode via accelorometer.

    webos 2.0 needs

    - speed and memory management fixes
    - slight UI changes (i get a windoes 95 sorta vibe with all the plain grey maybe this I me, but a simple gradient scrim would be nice and more atractive.
    - categories for, contacts app, browser bookmarks, notes, tasks.
    - subtasks, reminders, and reocuring in tasks
    - contact meet In calendar.
    - real google map app, not the crap we have.
    - integration with google latitude. Ie, latitude friends dhow their location in contacts app with options to drive to them ect.
    - push notifications
    - widget support. Double tapping brings up cards homescreen single tap brings up homescreen either blank or with widgets. WITH user option to use the old way and disable the new way.
    - multiple subfolder trees in photos app
    - gesture tap for things normally requiring orange tap.
    - check emails, delete all, send with ( if you want it to show ur emailing from a fifferent address)
    - separate notification sound for low batery
    - file sharing via bluetooth.
    - Send multiple contacts at once
    more inteleigent web browser features such as saving passwords, better download support with history) maybe cache pages so they don't need to be reloaded everytime you switch cards.
    - more colors for calender.
    - palm profile becomes something useful and is a cloud site with ability to mange your contacts AND their links (so when doctoring you DON't have to relink everything), calender, tasks, bookmarks and whatever else you can think of. Maybe even online storage for media so the stock apps could for instance stream music, videos or music from their own apps as if they were loaded, but actually in the cloud)
    - MUCH more api support
    - more configuration options.
    - notes app thhat ties into the whole synergy thing. Where you could sync notes and even blogs in an organized way and edit/create them (could work like it syncs to where you disgnate, for examble you could have a blog section and all those would be your blogs, business section for business notes from google docs ect. And you could chose where each note syncs by simply checking off which sites to sync with when posting / editing
    - facebook profiles integrated int contacts app
    - contacts app filter ie, hide facebook contacts unless they are linked to another profile

    forgot 4g for hardware... Wow sorry this wasn't meant to get this long. Lol been working on a mobile os concept for months now so some of those got kinda thrown in there. I love webos, but it, like all the other current smartphones, are watered down versions of their old versions, I suspect windows phone 7 to probably fall along those lines as well, killing off options, and features to give people simplicity. My idea is a smartphone should be smart, intuitive and designed to give the user the experience they desire.
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    Just give me the parts to retro fit my pre; omap4 s.o.c with all the trimmings,4G,ect(skip snapdragon), super amoled 800x400, titanium slider(ooh fancy),kevlar front and back covers.....the keyboard is ok but needs to fill all the gaps, thus making the keys bigger.......palm handles the software side and I'm good to go. Oh 8GB on board is cool but add additional micro sd for pics,music,videos,docs,whatever else.........cost=$999 after $1000 mail in rebate and $100 gas guzzler tax......who wants one?lol
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    i would pay 300 after 2 year contract and rebate for the top of the line maybe a little more
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    If palm would use a super amoled, omap4, 1500 mah battery along with ui supported through an upgraded gpu and blue tooth 3.0. All of these things are new and improved technologies adding performance and a lot more battery life. Using the amled display saved 20% on the samsung galaxy s battery, omap4 says it can play music for 145 hours on a 1000mah battery basically is runs using the least amount of power possible. Gpu will help take the load off the CPU further helping in battery life. Blue tooth 3.0 also said to perform better and be more energy efficient. Then there's adding more raw power 1500mah battery. I just wonder how a smart phone with these specs would battery life be. What do you guys think?

    Pipe dreams huh. Gotta dream.
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