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    I had the volume bug with it going crazy.. and it's now "gone" with the update.

    BUT today during a call i got that "static" and seemed like the phone was getting muted on and off quickly...

    if that little dot at the bottom left of the Pre is the mic... it sometimes touches the side of my face and thats when it freaks out and no one can hear me...

    give it a shot... press the phone against your cheek as you are talking.. it might go crazy. or just put your finger gently over it.. and then you can hear it

    Do you think better mic placement may be in order? or lower sensitivity?
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    I get a scratchy sound when I talk on phones all the time, but that's just because I have a beard... Lol that was a great thread! Lol
    Palm prē-ist.
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    Yes, I get something similar. Actually, I don't often hear it myself, it's usually whoever I'm talking to going, "what the hell was that?" whenever I hold the phone with my shoulder.

    ...and that little learning curve has made me realize that the Pre may quite possibly be right handed..when I put the phone on my left shoulder (natural to me) and hold it on my shoulder the mic hole gets covered up &/or brushed with my 5 o'clock shadow. When I hold it on my right shoulder, the mic hole sticks out far enough away from my cheek not to get covered.

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    it's a painful solution: learn to hold the phone with your right shoulder. :-) took me a week. Get a good hard case. Darn Pre is slippery.

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