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    Just making sure on this. I held off on 1.4.0 update. If I update to straight from, will i brick my phone?
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    no what gave you that idea? thats like saying if you upgrade from xp to 7 your computer will explode
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    Lol. I'm just saying. Sad coming from a techie, but I don't trust updates much.
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    I updated from 1.3.1 to last night on accident.. Apparently I still have webos doctor 1.3.1 on my computer.. <_< Honestly 1.4 is SO much different than 1.3.1. Everything seems cleaned up alot better and works so much smoother. I challenge some of you to go back and experience it.
  5.    #5 is supposed to fix a few of the annoying bugs, like the volume rocker issue, and other minor fixes. Plus, the 800 Mhz patch works, and the MHS app is reenabled.
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    You should not have any problems and if you do we are always interested in those problems. There is always the possibility of someone updating from an older version to the newer version and the older one not being the version that preceded the newer version directly. (wow that's a lot to try to say).

    Basically if you have problems updating then let me know and we can investigate what possibly caused the problem.
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    Very cool indeed. Thanks a billion! I'm downloading and waiting for the install now. Hope to see good things soon.
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    ok. I updated. Now why did I lose everything? All my apps are gone. I know I can re-download but what gives?

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