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    April fools? jk

    I did the same and it does seem to run faster, however i did find couple bugs that annoyed me. First is, new patch fixed the graphical side of the volume bug, but it's still there. While making phone calls i get alot of static that it's very hard to continue a conversation. Later i figured out that it didnt show the volume toggle, but kept jumping from headphone mode to speaker mode (if anyone is having same problem and can't figure it out, check the speaker button while making a phone call. It will blink as if it was pushed repeatedly). Second problem is, while using music app phone does luna reset. Maybe doctoring it will help but if it doesn't.... well i probably take the phone back to sprint and get it replaced.

    O ya this is my first post after months of reading precentral. I love my phone but I love it more because of the precentral community. I've got tons of info and patches to make the phone more workable. Thank you all~
    I think the volume bug might be a hardware issue. I sent mine away for repair on that basis and got it back saying the camera cable had been replaced along with "mandatory replacement parts". Didn't have any issues after that while I was still running 1.4.
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    Things are running like a dream and multitasking is smooth with 12 other apps open right this moment including the music app.

    Wow!! I have a renewed appreciation for the Palm Pre!!

    I would challenge anyone who disagrees and running on webOS (Not even a Pre Plus, which is the only one I can speak for since I am on Sprint) to unpatch and uninstall all homebrews.

    Btw: I am running the following apps Facebook 1.1.0, Messaging with an active chat, Email with all Inboxes, Kobo reading starwars, Yak twitter client, Wapedia, Clock, Music app playing Maxwell, Phone, Preware (but no other homebrews installed), Four Square, and the webbrowser pointed to mobile precentral.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmogren View Post
    Every update someone makes a post like this... "OMG, it's so much faster!"

    It's never true.
    Agreed. Well, I'll amend that to: "at best it's only marginally faster." Using the 1.4.0 update as an example, the speed improvements we're very minor and specific to certain things.

    Palm could push out an update that does absolutely nothing other than reboot your phone, and people here would still be saying, "OMG, OMG!!! Everything is so much faster!!!"

    Speed-wise, 1.4.1 feels exactly like 1.4.0 did after a reboot. As for memory management improvements, it's still too early to tell. If I can keep the same number of cards open after a week of uptime, then I'll be singing its praises.
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