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    What do the Naysayers know anyway??

    1. I just counted and there are now 109 more apps in the past week 6 DAYS! Thus bring us up to 2,883!

    3,000 is just a few weeks away, we will be tying with Ovi & Android before you know it!

    In spite of the fact that so many so called "experts" say Palm is among the walking dead.

    Keep in mind that for the foreseeable future the # of apps will keep growing quickly, as Palm as made it so easy to port games from other platforms. Some games are ported in as little as a few days work.

    We also have reach APP TOTAL CRITICAL MASS, meaning that there are now enough apps out there, that app writers/programers are now taking webOS serious.

    Also helping is the fact that with all of the "doom and gloom" out there, it seems that every day we read that webOS is the best OS out there. We also see Palm edging up, today alone, Palm was up +0.14 which equals +3.72%!

    2. There have been a number of articles suggesting that RIM would buy Palm. I wonder if Sprint would team up with Palm and very aggressively go after the Corp market, as RIM has done with the BB. Sprint's rate structure is far cheaper and there is a great deal of dissatisfaction, within the ranks of BB users. WebOS seems to offer better email functions than BB's Rube Goldberg approach to email.

    3. This leads me to the belief that the PRE II or what ever it will be called should be very aggressively pushed by Sprint for just this purpose! I am sure that Sprint will get 1st crack at it, since they took a chance on the Pre before everyone else. All we need is a home run product!

    Take care, Jay
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    I'm glad to see the app selection expanding.

    EXCEPT the spam type apps like; "Ipad Tester", "Droid Tester", "Wal-Mart GiftCard" (I don't know if those are the exact names, but pretty close)
    Very frustrating to see that stuff hitting the feeds.
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    Honestly, RIM has cornered the corporate market...not much more to give there.
    What they don't have is a device or strategy that crosses over to the lifestyle/personal device sector. That is where a Palm acquisition could be a win-win....integrates with your business and your life...
    Then, why stop there....make a tablet with video conference capabilities, e-reader, vertical market stuff AS WELL as lifestyle here too. WebOS is an awesome UI for that concept.

    And RIM...for Christ's sake GIVE UP the notion of highly compressed data at the expense of performance. That was a great selling point on 1x data networks....3G and more so, 4G, is highly don't have to sell a solution whose problems are solved faster than you can resolve...rant for another thread.

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