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    I don't know about anyone else. but I am seeing a slight difference with the update.When swiping or moving cards there is defiantly a speed increase with this function. Has anyone else experienced this? And does anyone know of any speed increases with

    I hope its not a re-post, haven't seen anyone else comment on it.
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    It's running faster to a degree, but also eating my battery.
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    I have seen same thing. I am very pleased,,this thing running faster and smoother then before,,and I was happy with it before.
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    my battery is better also,,im down to 3 percent an hour with average use.
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    I think I will eventually overclock, but I'm glad to see things improving. I never notice battery improvements, but from day to day I use the phone differently so its hard to gauge.
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    Oh yea... Great improvement.. I really like this update!
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    all I can say is "wow" with the 800 patch( My pre is running cooler and much smoother.
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    haven't gotten the "too many cards open" error since the update, ive played all my PDK apps w/ no problem, this update is really a major improvement.
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    Does have the virtual keyboard with it?
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    Does it fix the volume bug?
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    don't know never had a volume bug
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfal117 View Post
    Does it fix the volume bug?
    Yes, that was one of the bug fixes, and why would a .1.1 patch include a brand spank'n new feature like a virtual keyboard, especially when you have a virtual keyboard on all webOS devices (and a darn good homebrew VK to boot)?
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    yea the "too many cards" error doesn't randomly pop up for me anymore, unless I launch another 3d app instantaneously after I close another.. I figured if you jsut wait 5seconds or so after closing the game and open another pdk app, the "too many cards" error doesn't pop up :-)
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    I also noticed that when you swipe a card away, the next one "in line" so to speak comes over to take its spot noticeably faster than in 1.4. I thought it was just me, but looks like I'm not the only one. Good to see, Palm!
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    Seems to have made moving around the cards smoother again. It had been a little choppy for me when the previous upgrade was loaded. Battery seems to have improved a bit too.
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    It is a lot smoother and even when browsing the web, it is quicker. Haven't had the TMC errors since the upgrade either. Using the battery monitor to see how the drain is, also have been using it more so will take that into account. Happy overall with the new performance of the Pre.
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    I am the same. My 1.4 was very buggy. I notice the battery is better and the launcher transistions are much more fluent and less choppy. Very happy with the update. Just what i needed. Now if i can get them to exchange my pre for the power button and i can get a fresh one i can install the 800 MHZ ipgk when it comes out and load my patches back up and have the best phone ever.
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    It does seem snappier, especially as I just ran the RU before the update, but I'm going to give it a few days to make sure it's not a placebo effect. Same with the battery.

    But it does look good.
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    it is a much improved UI with rhe cards for me as well....i still get TMC when trying to open any pdk games though...somewhat encouraged to hear this might not be for everyone....does anyone that can successfully run pdk games use tweed? I'm starting to think all my memory errors have to do with running tweed.
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    Overall great update, the only bug that has not been fixed is the random restarts since it is being reported by a lot of people including me.
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