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    well, i guess i have a REALLY odd problem

    webOS v1.4.1.1

    during a call on speaker, sound from the speaker went from 100% volume to about 50% volume and the sound got REALLY tinny.

    now, any sounds played thru the speaker are 50% volume and tinny. guess the phone goes back to sprint to see what they can do with it.

    i'd been having problems with the audio jack getting static-y when using it to feed into another device like my car stereo or work radio.

    i just tried the plug in and wiggle trick and it didnt help.

    also wondering about those who use their phones in an industrial environment, how you keep the metal particles from getting to the speaker membrane? i usually take a retrieval magnet and pull them off, but i'd rather be able to keep the particles from getting there in the first place.

    anyone else have the reduced volume & tinny sound issue yet?
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    ok, here's a funny twist.....

    used the palm headphones that came with my phone and the static issue isnt there. most likely cause is that i'm using the standard 2band stereo connectors.

    fixed that problem, went to amazon and got some 3band to 2band adaptors.

    still doesnt do anything about the speaker issue tho.
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    ok....made a trip to the sprint store and the techs did their thing.

    ended up replacing the speaker. which was good news to me because i tryin to remember my pre login info the whole time.

    gotta give a thumbs up to the sprint store in n olmsted, ohio. they've been great to deal with and have never disappointed.

    thanks gang.
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