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    i just downloaded 1.4.1 yesterday and preware is suddenly not loading past the Palm-catalog stage update.

    any help?
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    Mine is doing the same thing can not seem to load preware it just stays at the Palm-catalog part
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    same here. I've re-booted x3, can't even manage feeds and un-select the catalog feed, none of the feeds show up under manage feeds anymore.

    I'm so done with this phone. ;-)

    I think tomorrow, I'll re-activate my trusty Centro, and take a hammer to this thing.

    Actually, the thought of it has me grinning like a teenager again. ...I can't wait!
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    Mine is fine...ive loaded mine about 10 times today...hoping that the developers update their patches......uninstall and reinstall and see what happens...if that doesnt and then see what happens...
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    me too
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    preware was working for me earlier today, now it's doing what you guys are observing as well.
    mine is stuck on the palm catalog loading stage too.
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    I have been to preware many times today and it works fine,,infact,,since the update it seems to load faster
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    Actually...WTH!..Mine is STUCK NOW TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!....POSSSSSSSSS!

    nevermind.....It works.
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    same here. Was able to get into preware and updated most of my patches this morning (umpc and multimod wouldn't update) but now just stuck on palm cat.

    UPDATE was finally able to get into "manage feeds" and turned off all the palm feeds. THEN it got stick scanning unknown packages (hung up on freebooks) so then had to go into presfs and turn off unknown package scan and then it worked. Phew
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    Mine has been on and off all day long. It's my guess that the dev's are updating and making adjustments to the 1.4.1 updates...
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