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    The power button on the top of my Pre just stopped working so I'm going to take it down and get it replaced. I know about the Palm backup but what does that miss? What should I back up on my own? I hate to lose anything but it's a real pain with that power button not working.
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    The Palm backup will not backup your text messages. There is a way to back them up, it's on the forums around here somewhere... Also, Palm backup will not backup your Preware apps and/or patches.
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    You don't need to change phones.
    I have 4 minute and 36 second fix for you.

    1: With a small knife or something similar, gently pry the power button off of the phone.
    2: Slice a tiny sliver of a pencil eraser OR cut a tiny piece of paper and fold it ONCE. (Either of these things have to be small enough to fit on top of the contact where the button makes contact, HENCE the name 'contact'.)
    3: Stick it in there carefully. (No "That's what --- said" jokes please.)
    4: Replace power button as it was found before.
    5: *POOF* You now saved yourself a headache.
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