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    My Pre was working perfect until 2 days ago.

    2 days ago it just stoped working fine. Some sounds does not work correctly.

    I can't hear any music, and if I call someone or someone calls me, I cant hear him and he does not hear me if I do not put the speaker on...

    And some system sounds do also not sound...

    what's wrong?

    i hope someone can help me.
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    sounds like you have the phantom headset jack where it thinks the headphones are in and tries to play through them
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    Agreed. Search the forum for the answers. I've had luck inserting and removing the headphone jack several times in quick succession. I believe there's also an app of some sort that claims to fix this problem, but I haven't tried it.
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    Thanks very much! I searched the forum for the app, but before I also tried your (monkeydogs) solution and it worked!

    Thanks alot!

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