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    I am a paid user of MyTether. If Sprint did end up getting the official Mobile Hospot app, what are the differences between the two apps?
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    Well, I assume you won't have to worry about the official one breaking every time Palm releases an update for one.
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    Not having the Mobile Hotspot app on my phone, I might be 100% wrong on this, but I believe that it only supports Wifi tethering, whereas MyTether allows USB tethering and Wifi.

    Going with USB means you're charging your Pre while tethered, and you're not broadcasting a Wifi router that someone might then go and try to hack into.

    However, the installation routine for MyTether is currently a lot more complicated than most other applications-- you have to pre-configure your PC in a very specific way, as opposed to downloading an app over the air.

    If Sprint did start supporting Mobile Hotspot, and didn't charge significantly extra for it, I would probably switch-- I don't really need the USB tethering. If they did charge significantly extra for it, I would probably try to stay under the radar with MyTether.

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