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    Hey everyone. I was having isues with some residual patches, so I doctored back to 1.2, and then updated to I cant figure out how to download apps that I already purchased that require 1.3.5 (such as xplane). Id image that its an easy fix. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!
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    all the apps should download just fine with
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    Ok, first off. No need to doctor your phone to a downlevel firmware. Doctoring the phone completely wipes it, your patches won't be there. What may happen is changes patches made to things that get backed up to your palm profile might cause issues. Best way to handle this is to turn OFF the backup before doing a WebOS Doctor to your phone. This will delete the data that palm backs up via that app and then you won't get bad data re-downloaded to your device.

    2nd, once you log back in to your palm profile, the phone will download all your paid apps.
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    Thanks for the info SSR. The problem I'm having is that I have on my phone, but some of the apps didn't show up (because they didnt download when I logged back into my profile with 1.2). Do I just need to go into the app store and "repurchase" the app to download? Is there a way to "re login" to my palm profile to have it download everything again. Thanks again for your help!

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