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    Sprint Pre $149.99, Verizon Pre+ $49.99... Am I missing something here? Technically the Pre+ is only $24.99 because of the BOGO. I have the original Pre that I waited in line for on the day of release. No issues at all with the hardware. My wife got one in August, original Pre, no issues (both look and feel brand new). I stopped by the Sprint store yesterday on my home from work to by a holster for my wife's Pre. I asked the sales lady how the sales were of the Pre. She said, "Since the Android phones started coming in, Pre sales have dropped a lot." Well no kidding!!! You are only selling the original for $50 off from the day of release. Who in their right mind would buy one. I can buy 6 Pre+'s from Verizon for the same price, now with free hotspot. There are 4 Sprint store in a 10 block radius from my work (Chicago Loop). I have visited all of them within the last week or so. Only the smallest store still had the big window ad, and had a label on the display. Let me tell you there is no advertising what so ever for the Pre at the other 3 stores. I went over to the display, there were no descriptions. Just the phone on the touchstone, it only said Multitasking Wizard or something like that (didn't even have the Brand). The original Sprint Pre should be free. Sprint seemed to have just dropped Palm all together. However, some good news. I have been seeing a lot of new Palm ads all over the Chicago Loop area.
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    But I thought the hardware was still state-of-the-art and...well, you's like Ed Colligan said (paraphrasing) "If it's a superior product, why should it cost less?"

    In all seriousness, I have no idea why the Sprint ones are priced the way they are, or even why the HTC Hero is that much either. Sprint can talk about how much lower their plans are all day, but when people see them side-by-side with the same phones at Verizon, they get sticker shock.

    The Droid Eris is the same phone, but it's 50 percent less and BOGO on top of that. While Sprint likely can't match the BOGO, they gotta start getting real about their exorbitant upfront phone pricing and abundance of mail-in rebates. A company in their position doesn't need to put anything between the customer and signing a contract . NOTHING.

    People don't pay attention to true cost of ownership. It's been proven over and over and over.

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