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    Is anyone else having issues with Gtalk not connecting, never errors out either when trying to connect either.
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    I have had an issue with Gtalk not connecting when on WiFi since 1.4 came out. It only works on EVDO. I have no idea how to fix it.
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    Yeah, I have tried both EV and WIFI and no change. Never had issues before last nights upgrade.
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    Is the facebook spoof patch working for anyone after the upgrade, I installed that today and that does not connect as well...
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    I just tried it on wifi and it connected with no problems. I was able to send and receive messages.
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    i can connect by either method, but the Pre often logs itself out of Gtalk. I can log back in over 3G or wifi
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    I can connect via wifi or 3g, but only if I update the password. If I make a call it does not log back in. If I look at it shortly after logging in (maybe 30 minutes) it is logged out and I have to go and update the password again. This has been happening for me since the 1.4 update. is no different.
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    crap...I forgot that I had the im patches installed...when you could add jabber, msn, office comm, etc accounts. I did not remove before the upgrade. But I did doctor after the upgrade to 1.4 and re upgraded to 1.4.1 so that should have corrected that ....

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