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    Who do we want facing the Pre+ in the final matchup?

    I think the BB Tour is weaker (it doesn't even have WiFi for pete's sake) but the BB ******* are pretty well organized and willing to cheat. They are dead-even right now...

    Cheating thread:

    Voting Link:
    March Smart Phone Madness Game 14: BlackBerry Tour vs. Motorola Droid
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    I normally don't say this, but this does belong in off topic.

    that being said, I want the BB to beat the droid.
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    Holy cow, batman. The Droid is crushing the BlackBerry Tour...
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    The BB users are organized..... We should
    Back to your bridge evil troll you have no powers here.
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    I prefer the form factor of the tour... also BBs are pretty reliable... So I voted for the tour...
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    I hope the Droid beats out the Tour. The Droid is the better over all phone. And at least we can say with the Pre -vs- Droid poll later that we went up against the better phone. We can beat the Droid. With the Tour, it will be a race to the wire. The Crack-babies ( I say that since the are upset over the lost with the 9700) are going to go all out and hold no bars. At least with the Droid there is a smaller following.

    As of this posting:

    BlackBerry Tour 9630 (VZW) 39% (1,489 votes)
    Motorola Droid (VZW) 61% (2,304 votes)
    Total Votes: 3,793
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    I voted for the Droid, because it is the better phone.
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    Don't kid yourselves.

    This isn't about which phone is better. It's about who has the biggest number of motivated users. I will be very surprised if the Droid beats the Tour when all is said and done.

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