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    I know I'm late, with 1.4.1 coming available, but I recently installed a bunch of patches I had used in the past, adding GPS, Roam-only, and Data to the right drop down menu, and a few other things like Smartreflex 500, hiding NASCAR & NFL, adding extra pages, and changing the naming convention for the camera.

    I have consistently found that adding functions to the drop down menu, or hiding functions, seems to slow down the device (i.e., create notable lag) and reduce battery life.

    As for Smartreflex 500, I hadn't actually noticed I wasn't using it. How does 1.4 improve battery life/power usage? Is it still locked at 500MHZ full time, even sleeping in my pocket? If SO, which option works best for preserving power, CPU Scaling or Smartreflex 500?

    I've also read a lot more lately about overclocking. How does this work, and does it seriously reduce battery life?

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    Someone HAS to have had some experience with these patches and know which made their phone slow down. Anyone?
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    Dude, it's the same with me. I wiped my Pre of patches in preparation for the update (I know you don't "have" to, but I like to). I had a bunch of ones like Device Menu Megamix with the Flashlight, Vibrate icon, Battery Percentage, 3G Icon, Advanced Reset Options, custom carrier and the phone was soooooooooo freaking slow. Luna restarts and memory errors so bad I could not even turn on the screen by pressing the power button. Opening the music app would leave you waiting for screens to change for good 7 seconds (yes, I timed this crap). Deleted them and now the phone is blazing again. I'm hesitant to put them back on. I probably won't until I install the 800mhz kernel to see if it will counteract the pain of these patches.

    Sorry I don't have any suggestions, but I can tell you that I had them and they crippled my phone pretty bad. Still love Jason and WebOSInternals, I donated to them and don't regret it because I really want to put those patches back on my phone. I just can't in my current stock processor speed state.
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    So, I'm impatient and went ahead and reinstalled some things. Dreaded sluggishness started again. Removed the Battery as percent patch. Speed returned. May just be my phone, but just throwing it out there.
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    The Multi Mod patch is pretty much horrid too. No disrespect.
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    Yeah, I've heard horror stories, so don't have that one. I was kind of deciding on takng off the Device Menu patch, but I really use that one a lot, so I decided to go in least necessary order. The rest of them are holding up fine now. I'm sure the battery patch is fine if you don't have like six other things going on up there.
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    I've been using the roam only toggle app and the Quick System Tasks App/Suite instead of the Menu patches.

    I am using the 800Mhz overclock, which seriously has improved my system performance, and battery life. But, having had a couple of overheat warnings (I am using the warning app) I added the battery temp app, which shows the temperature in celcius, next to the battery level in the menu, to help me maintain better watch. Since then, my battery life has dropped tremendously. At 8pm last night, with barely any use, I was at 18%. At 4pm this afternoon, again, with barely any use and no calls, I was at 60%. I usually make it to at least 11pm with some fairly heavy use, and still have at least 30-40% left. Usually, I make it to 1 or 2am the following morning with at least 25%.

    So, here's my take... anything added to the drop down menu slows the device and reduces battery life.
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    i found that mods and patches that affect the top bar and device menu seem to bring down the phones i gave up all top bar patches this time around
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    I have 3 top bar patches (35 total) and the speed on my Pre is great, don't know what to tell you guys.
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    Percent view of battery makes sende, while the "system menu" don't. I can't see the system menu events being called at other times than when it's accessed, while the battery status is up in our face all the time. I don't believe though that the function running requires so much more than the original code.

    What seems to be a hog though is the patched letting the launcher display more applications - cause that requires the system to handle a fair amount of extra work. This is especially noticeable when there are plenty of apps to scroll through too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    I have 3 top bar patches (35 total) and the speed on my Pre is great, don't know what to tell you guys.
    How is it that your phone is all so perfect?...It never had no problems whatsoever..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    How is it that your phone is all so perfect?...It never had no problems whatsoever..
    Why do complain about everything
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    15 patches and no slow downs. Not sure why a patch would slow down the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Why do complain about everything
    What? lol...Im trying to see how you keep your phone in such top notch shape.

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