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    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Girl View Post
    I became a Pre owner last September, 2009. The 1st phone I got had terrible call quality--everything about it. When I dialed a phone # it would take about 10 seconds to get a dial tone before it would place the call.
    My Pre takes forever to get a dial tone, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by john.coleman View Post
    OK, now I am replying to myself, so apologies in advance for the over-exposure.

    I was thinking a little bit more about the price drop, and an alternative strategy occurred to me. That is, from the news around the interwebs, it seems that the Pre Plus landing on AT&T is imminent. I wonder if Verizon made this move to completely steal AT&T's thunder by setting an incredibly low price ceiling for a new product (thus making it much less profitable, and not worth pushing/marketing). That is, AT&T cannot price their Pre Plus much higher than $50, since I would bet their customer loyalty for their company/network is not terribly high (most people I know on AT&T are frustrated captives, either for the iPhone or the BB Bold). Furthermore, if AT&T is sitting on a sizable initial inventory, Verizon just massively devalued it. Not that I am one to immediately jump to the "stomp on the other's throat" as a business strategy, but there is enough public bad blood between the two to at least make this feasible, at least in my mind.

    Anyway, I will stop talking to myself now, at least publicly.


    Hi John, I've been enjoying this thread immensely. Last week I was carrying an ENV3 with the best keyboard I have seen on a Verizon phone - *loved* that keyboard and upon unboxing my own brandy new Verizon Palm Pre Plus knew I would be missing it for a long time. My ability to keep up with my "texting fanatic" grandkids was immediately cut in half. Of course, they have provided me a ton of opportunities to get used to the relatively small keyboard on the Pre - and after several hundred exchanges I'm finally holding my own again. (I weigh in at 231 so it took a bit of experience). The wife has my old ENV3 now and I noted SHE is now enjoying texting with the grandkids a lot better. <sigh>

    What she cannot do is access the web - and I learn more each day this week about how much I have been missing. I am an avid user of Google Calendar - and now the Tasks capability they have added. Today I "discovered" (on the web) that if I point the Pre's browser to I have a very worthy copy of my own task list and a very satisfactory user interface. Kinda cool.

    A few of your items in your initial post are obviously Verizon specific. Hopefully things will continue to get better. Just today, Verizon announced another thing along with the drop in prices - the "Mobile Hotspot" is now free. (I refused to tithe up another ten bucks a month for it - but now can enable it for grandkids carrying an iPod Touch at the campgrounds this summer). Now if they would just do the same for VZNavigator I would be a happier customer. In the mean time I refuse to crack for another $9.99 - not when I am already paying an additional $29.99 for supposed "unlimited web". <grump> I've been with Verizon since the name replaced "AirTouch Cellular" here in my area - and will continue. I love the service and support - I love the coverage of their network as you mentioned, (particularly on travel), but have a certain detestation for being "nickel-dimed" when already paying prime bucks for their service. <spit> Gotta admit, the good does outweigh the bad.

    For me, the same thing is true of the Palm Pre Plus. My counsel would be to play with it - learn some more about it - and follow up on some of the suggestions others have already made regarding installing some of the more interesting items you will find waiting for you in Preware after installing that one, however, you might want to hold off on installing "Patches" and "Themes" until after we finally get the WebOS version update. (Most of the Sprint users already have it).

    Anyway, amazing thread and a pleasure to read. Thanks! You make me think and that is alway a welcome experience.
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    @oldgeekster, Wow, that is not only a very nice, but also a quite interesting post. I, too, have learned a ton from the replies on this post, so thank YOU.

    I agree with you, 1000%, about the web. That was the main thing that, frankly, kept another bb from really being an option for me (well, that and a general disdain for the Storm series and trackballs, bleck). I *love* being able to use the web, the *real* web on a device. Honestly, I think this was the iPhone's killer app when it was launched (and they hyped the crapola out of it), and I think it has made the whole industry re-evaluate how "smart" a given smartphone really is.

    My main surprises with the Pre Plus, really, were what I thought were pretty simple oversights for people who depend (and lean hard) on the web, email, and scheduling for their work. For the first of these, the pre is a home run, no doubt about it. For the latter two, though, much less powerful. Workable? Yes, probably, but as outstanding as the web is on the phone, I guess I expected similar "wow" reactions to the other common facets of today's smartphone.

    As many have stated, it certainly seems that Palm aimed to leapfrog what everyone else was doing, which is admirable. However, there is already an amazing web phone, and an amazing email phone, an amazing contacts phone, an amazing SMS/MMS phone, and an amazing calendar phone. What I thought the Pre would do is transcend these one-trick-ponies and finally pull it all together. Probably expecting too much, way too much, from a small company working on a 180, but it was a nice dream.

    With regard to the tethering, that is exciting, and frankly, quite amazing. Now the Pre Plus really is more compelling, since tethering/connection-sharing is (ostensibly, at least compared to the Sprint Pre) its killer app.

    Additionally, I *definitely* agree with you about the VZ Navigator. Verizon certainly uses its network quality as leverage against its customers, which is annoying. The GPS issue has been a particularly sharp one for many Verizon customers across many different handsets. What is surprising to me is that Verizon does not offer things like VZ Navigator (or, before today, tethering) to users over a certain voice plan threshold (e.g. 1200 minutes) or monthly bill threshold (e.g. $100). I mean, since the incremental costs of things like VZ Navigator probably approaches zero, what is the harm? To me, a maybe always feels better than a no, and why not build systems that reward people for being your most profitable customers? Crazy, I know.

    I definitely will take a good while to play with the Pre before passing judgment. My main impetus for posting here today was simply to share my experience (rather than just dismiss the phone immediately and silently send it back), and I am certainly glad I did. Will it be my new phone? Well, the jury is still out. However, with the incredible helpfulness and kindness I have seen in this community (and not just in this thread), the Pre is more endearing and compelling than if I had just used it in a vacuum. Thanks again for posting, and the advice. It is most appreciated.


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    Thinking about something *I* was a bit dismayed about - how rapidly the battery for the Palm Pre Plus seemed to discharge!!! I had gotten used to my ENV3 lasting for 4 full days between charges - NOT SO with the smartphones and, in particular, our good old multi-tasking Palm Pre Plus. I was playing with it constantly and wound up plugging it into the USB cable, (I use the nice, long, white one that came with my Kindle and pretty well stays plugged into my notebook unless I'm moving it). After a single 24 hour period, I was hitting up Amazon for a quick solution! (I have a Prime account there and love the "free" two day shipping).

    Palm Touchstone Charging Dock for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi (Sorry, I do not have enough posts to provide the link on this forum).

    Best $36+ I've spent this year. You don't really need to buy anything other than the Touchstone itself for this - the Palm Pre Plus is delivered "Touchstone ready" - and given the plug/cable that comes with it you already have what you need. Plug the cable into a handy power strip after plugging the other end into the Touchstone - then just set your phone down on it and let it charge - (magnets hold it in position either vertical or horizontal).

    All of a sudden, the ease with which I could charge my Pre made life a little better. While its on the little "slanted hockey puck", it automatically goes into speakerphone mode. Easy to catch incoming calls and automatically returns to normal when you pick it up to take the call.

    I'm thinking of buying another to keep in my pickup.

    Bet all of the old hands on here are remembering and nodding their heads - but its all new to us "Newbies".
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    For number 2, there's an easy solution.

    Lern 2 spel beter.

    Seriously though, the lack of spell check doesn't bother me. On my PC I spend more time having to add new words that it doesn't recognize than actually having it get anything that I spelled wrong.

    And spell check doesn't recognize when it's the wrong word (but spelled correctly) either, so no matter what you do, you really have to keep an eye on things anyway.

    But maybe that's just me... I mean I'm one of those old-timers who still does math in my head too, without these newfangled calculators.
    One thing that a spellcheck in email would help with that may not be as obvious is the 'double key' character issue. If you could auto spellcheck before sending, any words with double letters that were unintentionally inserted wold be identified automatically.
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    I'm not going to read the whole thread.

    You dismay is probably well placed but for someone who read all the reviews and did a ton of research you sure seem to be startled by what your Pre plus won't do.

    Some of your problems are network specific. Why, oh why, do VZW people insist on sticking with them. Anyway.

    Good luck with your phone, use the advice of people on the board. It's a great phone and is maturing all the time.
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    I'm not going to read the whole thread...
    Always dismayed when I see this note. Why do people bother replying if they can't be bothered to read the whole thread?

    When I see this, I generally ignore whatever follows in the post.
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    Reading through this thread has only made me more glad I got my Pre on Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raremage View Post
    Always dismayed when I see this note. Why do people bother replying if they can't be bothered to read the whole thread?

    When I see this, I generally ignore whatever follows in the post.
    On the other hand, I read the whole thread and am glad to see so many who clearly have read the whole thing. This thread in particular has been educational and respectful.
    Palm m130 Zire 72s Treo 700p Pre Plus
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    Hey not to trash you or anything , but if you really had read all of the reviews, and forums etc on here I believe you would have known already about everything you are complaining about. Just my 2 cents..

    Over the course of the year this operating system has made some pretty depth defying leaps, and it continues to do so. I will say I am impressed with the operating system overall and will continue to support it as long as Palm can remain significant!
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    There seem to be quite a few comments about the "read practically every review" comment, so please let me clarify. I read the reviews from major gadget sites (including this one) including Engadget, Gizmodo, CNET, PC World, etc. Admittedly, I did not scour forums such as this, which I now kick myself for.

    With regard to what I should have gleaned, honestly, none of the reviews above (except Gizmodo for the sharp edges issue, which I felt they were being overly-dramatic about, e.g. slicing cheese with the phone edge). In fact, it was amazing to me how few reviews even talked about call quality or other "phone" features (which, for me, is what I use the phone for far more than the web). To me, the reviews read more like a high-level talking points rundown than a true summary of several days experiencing the phone. As such, many of the basics of how someone like me would use the phone (who depends upon it in several ways) never really got a lot of attention. Conversely, things like the UI got a ton of attention, as most reviews seemed heavily skewed in discussing form far more than they described function (and what the functional experience was like).

    Anyhow, I definitely agree that I could have read more, but as it was, I spent several hours reading reviews before I made my decision. Again, my biggest lesson from this was to always look for more real-world users' opinions (on forums, such as this one) before jumping on a device. Live and learn, I guess.
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