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    garmin GPS units do not get signal inside quite often -- i have a co-worker with a sprint pre and i ca B . S on the fact that they work indoors any better then the verizon version -- we are sitting here right now compareing -- you need to get a signal from a satilite for you GPS to work and if you are surrounded with building materials this just doesn't happen -- if you need to have the GPS pick you up with out a satilite signal then you have to enable AGPS and throw yourself to the triangulation wolves -- sorry but this is the facts
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    The thing that bothers me most about the VZW pre plus gps issue is this:

    What will happen if I ever need to call 911. Will my coordinates all of a sudden be accurate or will verzion still be fudging them? I find this issue very concerning and perhaps should be something that the FCC should investigate.
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    What will happen if I ever need to call 911.
    I've wondered about that too - isn't that something that they legally have to make work?
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