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    I was updating some apps from the ap catalog and received an error while updating 'DoughBoy'.

    A minute later, I get an error message saying I was logged out of my Palm profile and had to restart. After the restart, my Pre brought me to the initial 'Palm Profile' login screen, as though it were a brand new phone.

    I signed back into my profile and lost everything. I'm now re-downloading all of my apps. I've lost all my info in Checkbook as well as all my text messages. Damn. This just sucks.

    My update to went smoothly last night. I have no patches installed. I had also removed the overclocking kernel before the update so it definitely wasn't that. Sigh.
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    that's pretty weird...
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    Yea, pretty strange. I'm disappointed, but not really upset. ***** happens and I've learned to accept it, but that came out of nowhere. I guess that's one of the disadvantages to cloud based services.
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    the exact same thing happened to me. everything updated smoothly, i went back update some apps i had noticed were out of date and the update to quick contacts failed. then it told me i was logged out of my palm profile and started a series of restarts...came back on and wanted all my initial login information like i was setting up a new phone.

    when i finally got back to the home screen, all my settings/files were gone and it was restoring all my apps. really annoying that i now have to go back and get everything back to the way i like it...
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    Uh oh. I'm having that same Doughboy error... hopefully that's just a coincidence (since I assume EVERYONE with Doughboy installed is having that error), but still.

    Sorry to those of you (two so far?) that lost data because of this. Hopefully it's not widespread!


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