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    Just thought I'd share that. Haven't noticed anything new yet.
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    Me either. It *might* have started a fraction quicker, but I didn't notice anything else except the version # update.
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    Hopefully they improve performance.
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    Still took mine an eternity to open.
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    Took 12 seconds to open, seemed quicker last night after I downloaded
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    still takes all day to open for me. A few weeks ago I switched over to ypmobile and haven't looked back.. Ypmobile is how gmaps should work, but instead we have this crippled program that has no features. If they switch it up to an all new program I'll start using it again until then it's ypmobile all the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Still took mine an eternity to open.
    Now Newman, it's not an eternity...all you have to do is step back and look at the scale of time, then it's not so bad...what scale do I use? Well, since I have a degree in geology...have you heard the term ERA? How about the much shorter EPOCH?

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