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    If this is an April fools joke I'm not laughing! There was news couple of weeks ago that Canada would join the rest of the world on March 31 and get the paid apps. For once I'd like to have my update along with the rest of the world. What about you? Some of you said be patient, some said it's not Bell but Palm's fault for the late updates and to get my facts straight and I have. What interest does Palm have for us not having updates on time or paid apps? Do you still think so?

    Some don't believe a petition will do anything to at least let Bell know that we exist and we matter. We can at least stop complaining on this site and go directly to the source. One more day and I'll be sending the petition to Bell's Wade Oosterman President Bell Mobility as well as George Cope Bell President and chief executive office. Also this petition will be sent to Palm's CEO Jon Rubinstein.

    Bell's Palm Pre. Enough Is Enough, We want the GSM Pre Plus now!
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    Chillax, dude. 1.4.1 is downloading on my Palm Pre right now. I'll let you know if paid apps come with it after I get to test it.
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    Thanks man got it...

    Anyone for the GSM Pre Plus in canada? Last chance...

    Thought I'll give it a try
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    With Bell still having devices in stock since launch (mine has a warranty date of Aug 15), I don't even think they'll consider carrying anything from Palm anymore to be honest.

    Loving my CDMA Pre for now though. I will switch to an HSPA Pre Plus when it comes out and drops in price. And it'll probably an AT&T unit since AT&T codes are easy to get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neo1980 View Post
    Thanks man got it...

    Anyone for the GSM Pre Plus in canada? Last chance...

    Thought I'll give it a try
    Heck yes
    I'm dying for the Pre Plus GSM
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    Sign if you want the Pre Plus it's part of the petition. I'm sending it tomorrow so last chance to speak out
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    hey buddy, it was one day late, give it up, who really cares.

    but i do want a GSM version no doubt about that.
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    I knokw that's why I said "thought I give it a try" but I'm still sending it tomorrow like I promised from the get go. I didn't get all these people to sign for nothing, If you've read it? It's all there buddy

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