I've posted this same message a few weeks ago:
Can someone please help me, i tried to remove and even update the match state to area code patch since webos version 1.3.5. I used epr to remove all my patches and thats the only rremained even after the epr patch removal. When i try to update or remove it it says error please see ipk log. Is there something i can do to remove it, so i can update to the webos 1.4 version. I hope i don't have to erase all my data and apps in order to do so?! Can anyone help me out.

I tried the command line code that some people said would remove patches that are present but uninstalled, but that didn't work, that command line code was:

ipkg -o /media/cryptofs/apps remove org.webosinternals.patches*

That still didn't help.

I have tried to remove this patch since webos 1.3.5 is there anyone who can walk me through how to remove. i don't want to do webos doctor and lose all my saved files