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    So I was using the the 800mhz kernal patch for about a week and this update comes along. So I buckled and ran the ritual to prep the phone to update. Especially reading up on everyone commenting on improved performance and speed.
    Now my thoughts after the update: Yes it is improved BUT nothing like the kernal patch. Everything seems to lag compared to the OC patch.
    What is your experience to all you Overclockers after the update?
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    After doing a lot of reading on this forum, I reinstalled the 800 patch too. It seems to be working great. I'll remove it and install the IPK version when it comes out soon.
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    less buggy for sure.
    used to its previous lag so I don't mind. The 800mhz patch didn't helped on certain apps but it was only slight increase maybe because it's a Sprint Pre

    I still believe that reinstalling the 800 patch revert parts of the system to 1.4.0 so be careful...
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    well, fwiw, my phone had been OC'd, and it updated as I slept. I hadn't unistalled the OC, BUT it updated to 1.4.1 (verified by looking at device info), is still running @ 800Mhz, and preware updated all of my patches...

    I did nothing and everything just happened on it's own - and all is right in the world (with my pre)!
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    Well I've been reading all day how we are to wait till the devs make everything safe for us. Which I really do appreciate them for the hard work and warnings, but, and it's a big but, I had to get that speed and snappiness from the 800 over clockin. It's been working pretty fine thus far. And if and when we do needs to unistal 800mhz, reload, then reinstall the new 800mhz. I'm sure no one will have a prob doing so. This site shows you any and every way to fix and trick out the phone. The phone is better and I don't have problems with the camera like I did before the update. Sweeeeeeeeet speeeeed.

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