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    Just noticed that speed dial and universal contact search has quit working. I restarted Luna twice and still no luck. The only way I can get my contacts is to search in the contacts app. Never had problems before 1.4.1.
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    mine works fine,sorry to hear you are having problems. I am on sprint,arw you?
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    sprint here too... Works fine for me.

    also.. There is a sticky at the top of the forums to post any issues you may find with the update.
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    i'm having the same problem as the OP. You're not alone, but I have not been able to find a solution. Please PM me if something comes up.
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    workin for me, try full erase or doctoring that always fixes things up. Any patches or themes installed before updating.

    PS. I know aupt helps the patches but it's good to know what he had before the update.
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    Universal contact search also not working for me. I did have the 800MHz installed when the OTA update took place automatically overnight. However I have removed it (put file back on & executed uninstall) verified it was removed. The phone works fine except for this, not so sure the 800MHz had anything to do with it, but confirmation it is possible would be great.

    I will no doubt run the doctor, reinstall everything, including the 800MHz overclock (Come on, gotta have it).. But not this week, crazy week.
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    I'm not sure if I'm having the same problem just intermittently or if it is something else. Sometimes mine doesn't work, sometimes it does, but the most frequent issue is in email: Sometimes when I go to compose a message, I'll type in a name and either it returns nothing or takes a really long time to return the contact info/email address. Any ideas? I have a Google contacts account (default) and also the global lookup from my Exchange account.
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    My Pre started doing this today. I did 3 things:
    1) uninstalled 800 mhz patch via th sh script (i updated to 1.4.1 with 800mhz installed)
    2) installed new 800 mhz ipk
    3) installed bigger video attachments patch

    Then my phone crashed and no universal search but I don't know which if any of these things cause the issue
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    Same here, I just posted this with a screen shot, I also did 800mhz uber kernal and Govnah today, might that be the problem?
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    I just removed 800 Kernel and Govnah did a full restart and still have the problem, Grrrrrr
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    I have the same problem(GSM User), I think I will have to pass by webOs doctor.

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