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    This happened to me with the last update. I had the black texture edit theme installed. It didn't uninstall completely. Last time I was advised to use the WebOs Repair Utility- and it fixed my problem. Again today in prep for the new update, the theme didn't uninstall correctly- i believe its patches that are included with the theme that I am having problems with.

    My problem is this error when Running the Repair Utility:
    Error: Selected WebOS does not correspond to the WebOS build/version of the connected device

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the repair utility and webos QI/Doctor to make sure I had the latest versions.

    i just realized when I reinstalled WebOsS Doctor it got updated to My Pre is still at 1.4.0. Am I stuck at doctoring my phone so I can update it?? Or will the APT take care of the patches left behind from the theme i had installed??

    any help??
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