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    Hi all,

    So I managed to get hold of a Palm Pre on the cheap from an un-wanted upgrade. I am eager to get involved, however have already hit my first issue.

    I am in the UK and on O2 (iPhone Simplicity Contract). The Palm Pre is locked to O2, so I thought that would be fine. When I pop my SIM into the Pre I first get asked to set-up a Palm Profile. Unfortunately it can't send the data as it has the wrong phone Internet APN.

    So I grab the Internet APN settings from my iPhone:

    Username: vertigo
    Password: password

    But nothing. It fails. Although the SIM works fine in the iPhone.

    I also tried ringing O2 to double check the APN details. They were useless and said I needed to take out an 18month contract to use the Pre. I said Goodbye.

    So what can I do from here? I can't activate the Pre even though I want to. Is there anyway to get my SIM to connect? Will an O2 Pay as you go SIM work?Can I skip Activation?

    Please help...
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    It seems like I am not the only one with this issue:

    O2 Pre SOS Only problem - 1 sim 2 pre's. - Palm Support Community

    The strange thing is I turned my Pre on just now and I had 3G. It even let me setup my Pre Central account and login. However, because it was someone else's phone before mine I decided to restore it to get rid of all his settings. Very newbie mistake. Now I am stuck with no 3G signal again and cant login to my Pre Profile.

    It is starting to look like this is a Pre issue and not my SIM.

    Any suggestions? Remember I am new so a link to guide would be a great help.

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    the APN settings you would need to use on a Pre are:

    APN: mobile
    Username: vertigo
    Password: password

    Be aware though, that if O2 realise you are using your iphone web bolton/wifi for a non iphone device,they can remove the bolton as per the contract agreement.
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    Thanks for following-up with the APN settings. I tried these, but still had the issue. In the end I tried to restore to 1.4 and use a different O2 SIM. I had some success but am now stuck with the "Language Setting" bug.
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    i need help, i am trying to set up my palm pre but it won't let me past my palm profile it keeps saying my creation has failed, any idea how to fix it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caitlin Adams View Post
    i need help, i am trying to set up my palm pre but it won't let me past my palm profile it keeps saying my creation has failed, any idea how to fix it?
    Am I correct in thinking that the phone will only allow phone calls via the Emergency Call Only 'button.
    If so then this was the situation that I faced with my recently purchased PRE from a UK based Ebayer.
    I live in Thailand-The phone does not support Thai language so I suspect that there are few PREs here.
    However I managed to Bypass the Activation using help from this site:

    Multi Unlocker

    Its a bit of a struggle -but worked for me

    I also managed to upgrade the OS from 1.4.0 to 1.4.5 with help from the Palm UK chat line.
    Good Luck

    Inspite of this progress the Palm Profile is not activated.
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