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    Hi all,

    So I managed to get hold of a Palm Pre on the cheap from an un-wanted upgrade. I am eager to get involved, however have already hit my first issue.

    I am in the UK and on O2 (iPhone Simplicity Contract). The Palm Pre is locked to O2, so I thought that would be fine. When I pop my SIM into the Pre I first get asked to set-up a Palm Profile. Unfortunately it can't send the data as it has the wrong phone Internet APN.

    So I grab the Internet APN settings from my iPhone:

    Username: vertigo
    Password: password

    But nothing. It fails. Although the SIM works fine in the iPhone.

    I also tried ringing O2 to double check the APN details. They were useless and said I needed to take out an 18month contract to use the Pre. I said Goodbye.

    So what can I do from here? I can't activate the Pre even though I want to. Is there anyway to get my SIM to connect? Will an O2 Pay as you go SIM work?Can I skip Activation?

    Please help...
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    I'm from the US and could be totally wrong but here you must have a data plan for the pre. I don't think it will work without a data plan and a Data plan isn't available on a pay as you go program. Just a thought.
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    Thanks for the response. I don't think this is my issue. My SIM has unlimited data as it is from my iPhone. It is also pay monthly.

    I just realised there is a GSM Pre forum, so I have posted there as it is more appropriate.

    Please feel free to close this thread.

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