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    so i have a uk pre with using rebel sim and sprint firmware but had to dr due to not getting any audio though dr podder etc. anyway so i went to use webos sprint dr but after 8% it said not compable so i download uk webos dr and it worked but then when i reset the phone and pick ed the langauge (english) then uk or us, then confrim yes the circle start spinning(does not stop) but thats it i cant get any further.

    any ideas?
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    no its not

    just trying a o2 sim card it and it works so it must be another rebel sim issue but that means i have to go back to so i can use my rebel sim and just wait for the sprint ota update

    starnge that i cant use sprint 1.4.11 webos dr on 1.4.10 but i can use o2 webos dr on sprint 1.4.10

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