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    About a week ago, for no reason whatsoever my battery started draining EXCESSIVLY. I was at 100% about 20 mins ago, and now im at 82. Now you see the extent of the problem.

    Has anyone had any kind of problem like this that could maybe help me out or point me in the right direction??

    Please and thank you

    (No overclocking, only some homebrew apps and like 5 patches)
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    google talk or other add'l IM added on?
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    Try turning off your Backup, delete the current one (it will prompt you), restart your phone, then turn backup on again. Worked for me ...
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    Have you been using the latest Facebook beta? A few people have reported high battery drain using that.
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    Since ive posted, like i should have before i did, i searched

    I read alot about turnin off email things and whatnot

    Thing is, i dont have ANY kind of syncing accounts other than one hotmail.

    But since october i havent had any problems, only just recently out the blue it just started draining xtra fast.

    Ill try the backup thing.

    No facebook thing either
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    It could also be you battery.
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    My battery was doing that and would not hold a charge. Took it to a sprint store they tested it, saw it was bad and gave me a new one.

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