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    I was really looking for auto correct for msgs. We need to write more demand on this issue to palm,so they will see that ths is a pending problem, considering the small keyboard on the phone. The more we compain,the better our voice will be heard.....
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    you do realize the incremental update number isn't anything drastic right?
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    I just wanted some of the bugs squashed, so far so good.
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    what I want to know is why the hell they have to heve fragmentation, is seems a choice rather than a neccessity!If kernal works on my GSM pre (with modified webOS doctor) why the HELL can't they release it gloabally?Did I miss something?
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    Well I'm happy that I do not receive the "Too Many Cards" error as much after the update and my phone is snappier, but I still suffer from 2 bugs that bother me:
    1) My Wifi connection seems broken. Though it is connected via Wifi, my Pre drops connections constantly. Also when I am using the browser it shows the unable to load page.
    2) While playing games, the video stutters quite a bit, more so than before. Is this normal?
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    cleared up many small bugs. hmm I pretty happy, I wish one of the music players supported subscription music to go.
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    my phone is snappier!
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    my phone is snappier, AND my power button works EVERY TIME far
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    guess we need to let palm knows all about these issues.The enjineers at palm need to know our issues,so they can be address.
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    "all theses issues"?
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    Too many card error after playing 3d games seem to be fixed. Prior to update, whenever I play or open a 3d game, and close the app, I'll get the to many error message if I try to play another 3d game. The device also experience extreme lagged, sometimes even preventing a single card from opening.

    If this is indeed fixed as it appears to be, I don't have anything OS wise to complain about once we get the updated 800 Kernel.
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    many images won't load in browser
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    well I was hoping that whatever bug was in 1.4.1 that was causing my familyfonefinder to not update regularly would be fixed. but that is not the case
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    my phone is faster,,love it. Had had no bugs before that I noticed,my wifi always worked great,,have it on 80 percent of the time. Was happy before the update,,now I am very happy.
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    what does my phone is snappier mean?

    Hell, my phone snaps my head off with the 800mhz patch.!!
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    wow only 3percent drain in last hour using web for 30 mins of that hour
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    I was hoping for world peace. And a fix for the global economy. So I guess I am pretty let down....
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    Unknown: Keyboard double entry and GPS lock on Pre+. Waiting for for Verizon customers.
    Pilot 5K->Palm IIIc->Tungsten T/T2->Treo 650/680 -> Pre+ (1.4.5 & Uberkernel)
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    I am just happy they fixed the browser refresh bug. I wish they would implement some auto correct in the keyboard because it comes in handy with one hand typing. I would love them to speed up the boot time.
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    I was hoping the core phone applications closing in the background would be fixed but it's not. I just missed 3 texts again..
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