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    I got the TMC error once asw well as the power button error once as since the update
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    no volume icon bug since update!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    wow only 3percent drain in last hour using web for 30 mins of that hour
    Must be nice.... wish I could pull that off. I'll have a 3 percent drain in like.....3 minutes while using the web. That's like the only thing that drains my battery the most (besides AIM and email checking everything hour). I swear I can have my batter at like 50 percent, click on like 3 links (looking at each page for like 1 min) and be down to like 47-45 percent.....this is with brightness down to like the "t" in after.
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    My phone is a lot more responsive, which is all i was really looking for after the 1.4 update
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    i'm just really glad they fixed the pinch and zoom bug in the interactive tests.
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    I had the random restart issue today, was hoping that would have been one of the bug fixes.
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    Was hoping they would fix a bug in the browser that it would only load part of a page in some instances. Like DVD Profiler, by Invelos Software, Inc. . The others bugs I was having have been fixed. I also find that it is snappier. Snappier = seeming to react at a more crisp and smooth pace.
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