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    have the same problem...set my entropay to uk and germany and both times it told me: fraudulent

    donīt have a german credit card and donīt wanna get one...hopefully they add pay pal soon. or pay pal comes out with the creditcard...

    wanna download
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    This will only work for GB and Germany go to 02 website then 02 money, apply for a free payg visa,i wasn't prepared to add my cc to app cat but this card was accepted first attempt,i know this doesn't help the R.O.W, but! perhaps there is a similar setup for each country.
    However this will not help if your billing country isn't there in the first place.
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    why dont you just order a VISA Prepaid card form the UK? , that way you top it up when you want and since there are no credit checks, getting one isnt that hard.......

    you just have to know somebody in the UK, OR you could ask a forum member to do it i guess, for a little bit of sugar
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    Quote Originally Posted by bennish View Post
    wow really? i first activated mine in australia, but it shows me the spanish app catalog, including paid ones. so are u selecting 'uk' when putting in the credit card info?
    If your's is still a Movistar Pre from Goma, you might be interested in this from him...

    "To unlock your Pre, I turned it on, activated it, updated it, unlock with the code, did a factory restore and sent it to you. "

    So, our phones have been initially activated in Spain, hence the App Catalog localisation.
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    hi mates,
    whoa.. that was a real dissappointment for me too , since i came across this thread just after having this conversation with the Palm help desk a minute ago

    16:31 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: hi there
    16:31 Jose G.: Thank you for contacting the Palm Technical Support.

    This is José María, I will assist you today.

    Can I have the serial number of your device please ?
    16:31 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: tough question wait a sec please
    16:32 Jose G.: Sure.
    16:32 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: PXXXXXXXX
    16:32 Jose G.: Thank You.
    16:32 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: you're welcome
    16:33 Jose G.: So you can't select your country in the apps. catalogue list.
    16:33 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: yes indeed
    16:34 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: is there any possible solution to this "don't buy anything more from us" resistance of palm?
    16:35 Jose G.: The problem is related to the fact that a billing address is needed, and it should be among those countries in the list.
    16:35 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: i see that fact very well....
    16:35 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: and my question is
    16:36 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: why is the universally accepted VISA credit card is not accepted by Palm, just because i happen to live in Turkey now
    16:36 Jose G.: The phone wasn't lunched officially in Turkey so that is why it is not in the list.
    16:37 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: Of course not since i bought it from Germany. but why can't i buy a product from my pre with a worldwide accepted payment method (VISA or Paypal) they are not fraudulent at all...
    16:39 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: by the way ; then please officially lauch the phone in Turkey
    16:39 Jose G.: I understand, I'm really sorry. Well the apps. catalogue was originally conceived for the country where the phone is launched and activated.
    16:41 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: don't the managers of this company see the fact that the reason palm came to this "will anybody buy me" position just because of these kind of nonesense so called "marketing strategies"
    16:41 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: just let the people experience the marvelous device and OS and apps that are written for that
    16:42 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: and let them Pay to you...
    16:42 Jose G.: I understand, but the problem is related to the fact that a physical billing address is needed.
    16:44 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: OK, thank you for your effort anyway, actually i was pretty expecting to face this kind of vicious cycle even before opening this help request
    16:46 Abdurrahman Acikgoz: have a nice day, hope new guys from HP has a broader vision in this sense, yet still invest in this well -designed OS & devices...
    16:46 Jose G.: I really apologise, I believe that if it was possible for the company to enable this; it would have been done already, resulting this in more sales. Unfortunately my knowledge is limited, there might be legal needs that can't be addressed to allow this to happen.
    16:49 Jose G.: I apologise, I'm really sorry.

    now that, not any working solutions so far?
    regards, abdurrahman
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    Same problem here, lived in Germany for a while but got a job in Sweden and moved here. Not that I have bought many apps before, but every now and then there are things that make life a bit better - and I want to pay for it.

    So, did someone manage to solve this problem yet or is this yet another ****up from HP?
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