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    did it get fixed in this update or not? I've been reading all over the forum and no one has answered.
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    do you mean the bug that give you the too many cards error,when you only have one or two cards up? For me haven't seen it yet,just the regular too many cards for sprint customer,when you have up at least 20active cards. Hope this has answered your question.
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    Had it once only after 1.4.1 but it seems to be better when I perform a contact search. I used to get the tmc error when searching through 7000 contacts. So far this has not occurred during a search
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    I use to get this bug on my old pre when nothing was open.....I just got a new one and it's not running 1.4 anything and won't be until I see that they fixed this error.
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    So far it seems better, haven't had cards error yet and didn't reboot after install,sandstorm launched without restart(that was rare with 1.4). It will take a couple of days to know for sure if it's fixed.
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    I had a 3d game open and 5 other cards including heavy resource ones like, email, web browser, calendar. Did not get the error...before 1.4.1, I would have got it immediately! But it's still early.

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