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    rwhitby, tomi666, you guys are going above and beyond in research here, we're all grateful.

    I'm just gonna enjoy my free apps for now (tweed ended up fixing some issues in their free version, yay!) and preware if i spot something i really want.

    I'll just be patient and see if we come up with a sure-fire paid app solution. Or I'll wait until Optus gets the Pre Plus. Should be about the same time hell freezes over.

    From what I've read, I'm lucky to have free apps. So, great! Happy Easter all.
    I agree, good to have the chance also to get some workaround for what Palm still hasn't solved or won't maybe solve. However...let's hope we won't have to keep on using workarounds...

    And yes, i guess we can consider luck the fact to have free apps at least, though this app catalog has really a strange behaviour...i would expect it to behave more or less in the same way in all unofficial countries and my case i even have an unsupported carrier and at some point i was anyway able to see even more apps than people in official countries...weird and bizarre!
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    does it works?
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    Guys/Gals, I think we are all frustrated enough. Well for me paid apps is not so essential at the moment, since I know it does take time to deal with tax stuff. But 2 things concerns me most:
    - Free apps, why can't it just be world-wide? Its FREE, why do we need a restriction?
    - Why does palm have such anal activation profile program really confounds me, this mean we cannot be selling our phones someone else or we cannot just buy a unit from anyone else.

    I think we have enough frustrated users world-wide, it there anyway we can submit an official petition and letter of discontent to Palm US to register the issues we see clarity on? The issue here is that individually complain to palm may not get their attention, but if we group together and get Palm to talk, then they will know how much bigger the non-official world-wide community is and may really do something about it.
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