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    I need 1.4.0 Web OS Doctor for repair utility before applying 1.4.1 update.

    After running the EPR in WOSQI, all patches are removed but patch effects still be in my Pre. And needs to be repaired via Repiar Utility.

    I cannot download from Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals because all O2 Germany, UK and Ireland / Movistar Spain links are dead...

    Repair Utility is downloading 1.4.1 version of WebOS, and did not mismatch with installed version.

    Is there any alternative link WebOS 1.4.0 for unlocked Germany GSM Pre?

    Thanks in advance...
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    I need this too. None of my icons actually are clickable. They don't open up anything.

    Sprint link is dead, sigh.

    I tried 1.4.1 for Sprint but it keeps saying my phone is disconnected.
    I just want to use 1.4.0 for repair utility and then upgrade to 1.4.1.
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    I have 1.4.0 webOS on harddrive (wr, for German O2)
    You can download it from

    You have one day to download, then, I'll remove it.
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    Too late, i've got the same problem.
    Could you post again the GSM v1.4.0 it's unavailable from palm download center.
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    I would like to have it as well please .
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    Hi i need it aswell....could you please upload it again?

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