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    Carrier bell.

    So i just got a new phone today, bought it off craigslist which is my second palm Pre. I can not get into the phone at all, I have to activate with Bell first, So my question is, If i activate my second phone, what happens to my first phone, will i still be able to go through my phone and look at settings and all that stuff, just not make a call, Kinda like it's in airplane mode.

    or. Is there a way to get this second phone into airplane mood and just use it for wifi for right now, cause i have to wait till the 16th to start my plan cause i'm switching from fido and that my bill date.

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    if you create a dummy profile just to last till the 16th it wont be a problem but i suspect thats not what youre looking for
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    this second phone is for my wife so what ever i do to it right now will change when i actually hook it up, i'll do a full erase you know.

    I'm more worried about my phone is i connect this with bell, does that shut down my other phone so i can not use it at all. and will have to change it back to use it.?

    I'm not sure if i'm making sense but CDMA i have no clue about, I just came from GSM where i could use my palm treo 680 even if they didn't have a sim card in them. I could just use it for games or calender, I want that right now, or is this a carrier thing?
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    i think i understand what you mean a little better now. do a forums search for meta doctor its a modified webos doctor that will let you bypass activation to use it as a pda type device over wifi with no cellular radio

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