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    Opened up avatar, closed it. opend up shrek kart and it's running fine.
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    yes I have noticed this as well. I can open and close all my T4 games one at a time and not get a TMC error where before the memory leak would prevent this happening after the second time running through the apps.

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    Thats because they fixed the background apps situation.
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    there was nothing to fix for me so theres a pretty good chance some people are going to find a new error soon enough
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    I haven't updated yet, but that's wonderful to hear!
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    It's not completely fixed but it is much improved. I started Hero of Sparta, the exited it right away, right after that I started Asphalt 5 and played for one race then exited. When I tried to start Gangstar, I got the TMC message. I started another non 3d game and played it for like 2 mins, then closed it and started Gangstar again and this time it started. I exited that and started Lets play Golf and it started fine, exited that and tried to start Dungeon Hunter and got the TMC again. Gave the phone a minute to take a break, triend Dungeon Hunter again, and it started, exited and tried Hawx, started right up.

    So, the moral of the story is...BIG improvement! Just give the phone a couple of minutes and the game will start. I am very happy so far!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Black View Post
    Thats because they fixed the background apps situation.
    Really? How does that help? Didn't they just increase the duration of the time window in which an app can be headless and not be closed? And...regarding the apps that the OP mentioned...those are neither headless nor background apps...

    I'm not trolling, I'm just curious to know the connection that you're seeing that I'm not.

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