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    I have several email accounts set up with my pre, and all the contacts associated with each email account have been added to my phone contacts which is quite annoying since there are hundreds now - 90% of which are email only.

    Is there a way to organize contacts or remove email contacts from the others, but still have access to them via the email application?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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    I'm guessing that you're accustomed to scrolling through your contacts list looking for a certain contact and discovering that that is no longer feasible with multiple sync'd accounts. (The Facebook users complain about this too because they have hundreds of "friends" now sync'd to their phones, many of whom aren't really friends at all.) If that's the case, you need to stop looking at your contacts app and start using Universal Search. It's a mindset thing, and it takes some time to get used to, but I think you'll find that it's simple and very fast. You can also use speed dial and apps like LaunchPoint to make it even faster to find your most common contacts.
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