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    "The Palm Pre Plus has become part of my life.......Everything is seamlessly integrated.....It has proven to be the perfect phone for me."


    Palm Pre Plus: Final Thoughts | A Mom Blog - Mommy Musings - Family Travel Saving Money


    "I am loving this phone more than I think I’d love an iPhone. And I write this as a firm Apple addict!!! But I like the interface on the Palm Pre so much better than the interface on my iPod.... this phone meets all of my needs and then some........I’ve decided it’s a must-have."


    My last Palm Pre Plus Post ยป this woman's work

    No price for that kind of love! Wasn't wild about the "Mommy Pre" commercials but maybe they were onto something.

    And its a Verizon Pre Plus marketing thing too, who knew they could do anything right!
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